Spiritus LV119 Plate Carrier and Accessories

Spiritus Systems LV119 Front Plate Spiritus Systems has been teasing a plate carrier for months, and today they released their LV119 Plate Carrier and accessories. They've stayed true to the modular design principles they're known for. The slick covert style carrier comes in pieces. A front and rear plate bag (each about $80 USD) are the core of the system. Almost all the Multicam options are available, except Alpine. You'll also find solid go-to colours like Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, and M81 Woodland. Spiritus Systems LV119 Elastic Cummberbund For accessories, Spiritus offers up two cummerbund and two shoulder pad options in this first release. The first Spiritus LV119 cummerbunds comes in a 4" elastic version with integrated pockets for magazines,...Read More

Newly Added – Esstac Tactical Gear

Esstac tactical gear has a range of pouches that has to be appreciated. We know this because we've spent the past three days loading their products onto the website. We added 52 items and we're still not done. You can skip our article and head right to their products by clicking here.Kydex RetentionThere are a few main selling points for Esstac as a gear manufacturer. The first feature is their KYWI insert. The Kydex Wedge Insert sits inside the pouch and grabs onto the magazine to ensure retention. Virtually all of their pouches have this system.  Almost 20 Colours or Camouflage PatternsEsstac magazine pouches come in an impressive selection of colours. Most of them have 17 different colours or camouflage...Read More

Added – First Spear Mag Pouches

Freshly added to the site is the collection of First Spear's rifle magazine pouches. There were a few interesting items included in the batch including their Ranger style mag pouches with PALS slots laser cut into the front, their Ragnar shingle pouches which come in one-, two-, and three-mag varieties, and finally their Multi Mag Adjustable Pouch which fits 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammunition magazines. Click here to see all the First Spear products on Geardopedia.

Added – Gear Dynamics 556

A Canadian brand from British Columbia, Gear Dynamics is veteran owned and operated. A lot of their stuff features really clean lines and comes in a wide selection of colours. We've added their Double 556 pouch to the site, but you can expect more of their products to show up real soon. Click here to see the 556 pouch and all the Gear Dynamics products on the site.
Persec Gear Tactical Belt Molle Belt

Added – Persec Gear Belts

Just finished loading the belts produced by Canadian gear manufacturer, Persec Gear. Five varieties of belts - from MOLLE battle belts to EDC belts. All products are custom made to order with a large selection of colours to mix and match. Click here to check out the Persec Gear collection.