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I love gear. You do, too.

It’s a challenge to sort through all the different equipment options, try them out, learn more about what my needs are, and then search for better solutions. It’s no surprise then, that after a trauma medicine course, I set out to find the best first aid kit pouch for me.

I shopped everywhere. I compiled a list of features I was looking for and then started to compare all the IFAKs I could find. Does it tear away? What’s the size? What does it weigh? Does it have velcro on the front? Does it hold a tourniquet? Soon I had this list of two dozen IFAKs and all this information about them. There were just two problems.

First, manufacturers don’t always provide all the information I wanted to know about. Some don’t list sizes or weights. Some only showed the front of the pouch and I needed to see inside, the back, or the bottom. Second, all this information I put together was pretty great but it just lived on my hard drive. Other people trying to find the right gear would probably find it useful.

Geardopedia is the solution to those two problems. Where possible, I’ve taken high resolution, 360 degree photos of any item I can get my hands on. I’ve also taken all of those important requirements and made them searchable. Do you want a grenade pouch that is under 70 grams that is 7 inches tall and comes in both Multicam and ranger green? Just use the filters and it you’ll find it.

So, to be clear, our daunting mission is: To bring the world of tactical gear together on one site, so you can discover all of your options and be confident in your final selection.

We’re still fine tuning the layout of the site and adding content. So bare with us. There’s a lot of tactical nylon out there, but we’ll help you find your gear.

Tyr Tactical Dual Magazine Pouch M4 5.56

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