Newly Added – Esstac Tactical Gear

Esstac 5.56 3+3 KYWI Tall

Esstac tactical gear has a range of pouches that has to be appreciated. We know this because we’ve spent the past three days loading their products onto the website. We added 52 items and we’re still not done. You can skip our article and head right to their products by clicking here.

Kydex Retention

There are a few main selling points for Esstac as a gear manufacturer. The first feature is their KYWI insert. The Kydex Wedge Insert sits inside the pouch and grabs onto the magazine to ensure retention. Virtually all of their pouches have this system. 

Esstac 5.56 2+2 Side by Side KYWI

Almost 20 Colours or Camouflage Patterns

Esstac magazine pouches come in an impressive selection of colours. Most of them have 17 different colours or camouflage patterns ranging from the standard Coyote Brown all the way to Multicam Tropic and A-TACS. Products are even available in Pink and Navy Blue if that’s your style

You can see this huge variety of patterns on their page here.

There’s a good chance that no matter what pattern you use, you’ll find a match.

Esstac 5.56 Quad KYWI Tall

Multiple Configurations

Finally, the configurations of Esstac pouches is almost endless. Choose a number of magazines, a weapon type, and a height. If you can think of it, Esstac has probably got a version. They also have a significant collection of hybrid pouches carrying pistol and rifle magazines in multiple configurations. Some options are side by side, while others are stacked front to back. For those interested in single stack pistol magazine pouches, you’ll find a large number of options as well.

Esstac 5.56 Single Shotgun KYWI Tall

Made to Order

While a number of vendors stock Esstac products, pouches are made to order. This means that you can expect a lead time of 2 to 3 weeks. While this may discourage some buyers, an extremely customized product does take some time to produce.

You can see their collection of products on the site:

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