Using Geardopedia Filters

We are designing the site to be easy to use. Open the filters, select your criteria, and browse through products. We’re still experimenting with filter options and tools, so we wanted to give you a short guide to show you go about using Geardopedia.

Geardopedia Search Function

Accessing the Filter

The filter is the small icon next to the words ‘Filter Products’. Clicking this will expand the section and provide you with a full list of all the attributes for each product. 

Using Geardopedia Product Category Filter

Selecting Categories

The first section of the filter allows you to select what category you want to look at. Categories may be on their own, like the Slings Category or they may be parent categories like the Pouches Category. Parent categories have small dark circles next to them. When you click on one of these circles, the category expands to show all the subcategories within it.

To select a category to filter on, click on the category name.

Using Geardopedia filtering system show more

Expanding Attributes

Some attributes, like colour, have many options available. We have hidden most of these to make the filter easy to use. If the attribute section has too many options, you’ll see a ‘Show More’ button. 

Clicking this will expand the section to show you all of the options. To select a specific option, click on it. If you want to show fewer options, scroll to the bottom of that attribute list and click ‘Show Less’.

Using Geardopedia filters sliders


Some attributes like price and measurements can be filtered with sliders. These let you choose a range of values that you want to see. To adjust them, click and drag on either end to adjust the value you see.

Using Geardopedia filters dynamic filtering

Dynamic Filtering

As you add filters, the page will refresh and the number of products matching your choices will decrease. You can see this in two ways. 

First, the number next to every attribute will change to show the number of products with that attribute that match the rest of your filters. Second, some items will become grayed out, because no products match the criteria you provided.