When you see a red circle on an item stating it’s been verified, a few important things have taken place.

First, Geardopedia has had a chance to physically examine a product. That means that the information around measurements, retention, PALS grid, and other features have been checked and validated. If an item has been verified, the measurements you see are the ones Geardopedia conducted, not those provided by the manufacturer. 

Second, where possible, we’ve also provided a small write up on the function of the item talking about how it works and anything that stands out as major benefits or challenges with the design. We’ve included external review and retailer links if we could identify them.

Third, we’ve had some time to take some photos. We’ve opened it up, turned it upside down, and ensured you have pictures of it from every angle. This gives you the best view of a product and lets you see things that may not show up in the photos on the manufacturers website.

Finally, we’ve done a complete interactive 360° photo shoot so that you can spin it around and zoom in to get a close look of the features. From the snaps, all the way down to the stitching. You can try it out on the image to the right.